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Hiring a Business Angel

Business Angel is a BC based, virtual assistant agency specializing in on-site and online office support services for small and medium-sized companies. Our expert team of administrative and technical professionals offers a full range of services including bookkeeping, billing, payroll, computer networking, business consulting, and marketing communications. You’ll instantly have a dependable virtual or on-site assistant that you can work with directly —
without any additional overhead or training costs.

Whether you’re looking for a personal virtual assistant for a few hours a week or a technical support expert on an ongoing basis, Business Angel is sure to provide you with the exact services you need at an affordable price.

Administrative Services | Virtual Assistant | Business Angel

Accounting & Bookkeeping

Payroll & bookkeeping
Profit/loss statements
Expense form templates

Business Consulting | Virtual Assistant | Business Angel

Business Consulting

Training manuals
Employee handbooks

IT Support | Business Angel | Office Support | Virtual Assistant

IT Technical Support

Computer networking
Hardware upgrades
WiFi setup

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