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If procrastination burned calories, chances are that all the citizens in the Lower Mainland would have the bodies of an Olympic athlete.

Whether you’re avoiding the important, yet highly mundane task of creating an employee manual  or hiding from the Herculean task of creating an online marketing plan  virtual assistants are there to support you through your daily grind. By freeing up more of your valuable time, you are now able to focus on the core areas of your business whether it be sales, marketing, or management.

Virtual assistants offer many benefits over employees:

  • • Virtual assistants are self-employed, so you only pay for hours worked or by tasks completed.
  • • You get all the benefits of outsourcing PLUS there are no source deductions, no benefits packages that need to be paid into, no vacation pay, sick leave pay, or holiday pay.
  • • Virtual assistants don’t take up extra office space or resources. Work assignments can be communicated via email, phone, fax, and instant messenger services like Skype and Face Time.

Virtual assistants pose many advantages over traditional “temp agencies”:

  • • Temps can be expensive and greatly under-experienced.
  • • If you only need a temp for a few hours a day or week, it can be costly to train them.
  • • Most temps are also looking for full time employment. So, as soon as you find someone you like, they may have left the agency for greener pastures.

There are certainly many ways to personally manage your daily tasks and still come out ahead. But, as a business owner, your job is to be a visionary and a leader — not a master mail merger, label creator, or payroll administrator. Consider hiring a virtual assistant. You’ll be glad you did.


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