What is a Business Angel?


Business Angel | Office Support | Virtual AssistantNow that you’ve read through our offerings and perhaps even met a few of our business support staff, we thought now would be a good time to give you a deeper perspective on who we really are.

A Business Angel is more commonly known as a Virtual Assistant — we, however, are anything but common. As Business Angels, we not only specialize in administrative  and business tasks, we also assist clients in formulating business strategies and achieving organizational milestones.

We take a vested interest in our clients and partner with them in ways that go beyond the successful completion of a complicated accounting task, an extensive data entry project, or a basic computer networking scheme. Business Angel is an administrative body that truly cares about the state of your business and is dedicated to working with you to ensure you operate within an organized, thriving environment.

Ask yourself these TWO key questions the next time you tackle your daily tasks:

  • • Is this task costing my business money in time and energy rather than generating new income?
  • • Is this activity leaving me exhausted and unproductive for other more important tasks?

If you answered yes to any of these questions you may benefit from a having a Business Angel in your life. Give us a call — we’d love to hear from you.