5 Tips to Maintain Balance And Make Your Business a Success


As small business owners and entrepenuers we get use to doing everything ourselves.  As our buisness grows we need to find ways to keep everything running smoothly.  More and more time is required to keep on top of the daily tasks.  We get lost in the daily operations and find we have less and less time to grow and streamline our business for growth.

We start a business because we love what we do.  If all our energy is sucked up in doing operation and administrative tasks we begin to notice our enthusiasm gets low.  Our business goes from being exciting and fun and we start to look at it as a stress or torture.  To keep balance, energy and joy in your business we must first have balance in our lives.  Balance between work and life is vital to your success but is not always easy.  Here are a few tips to help you keep balance in your life and business.  You are your business, you need to take care of both.

Balance your Business and watch your Business grow

  • Start your day with a positive and uplifted attitude; give gratitude for all you have and use positive affirmations to instill in your mind what you want to bring to your life and business.   This will go a long way when you have a busy day ahead and will keep your relaxed and focused during your day.  Start with a little quiet time, even if you have to get up a little earlier.  Take 10 – 15 minutes a day for your body, mind and soul.
  •  Break the rat race cycle (go, go, go does not mean good, good, good).  Take a little time throughout the day for yourself to ease your stress level and refocus on your business and personal goals.  Goals drive us, so if you don’t have any, get some and see the difference in your productivity and energy level.  Don’t do everything yourself, unless it needs your personal attention, outsource to capable people to do the things you don’t like to do.  Focus on the important things in your business and life and don’t waste your energy on those draining administration and operational tasks.   Leave some time in your day for activities that are fun and you look forward to.  Reward yourself.  Your worth it.
  •  Take short breaks from your business to re-energize yourself especially before a big meeting or when meeting new prospects.  Visualize the meetings success and getting your desired results.  Going to a meeting feeling fresh, positive and energized will come through to your client or prospect.  Positive energy is contagious so spread it around.  You will be amazed what can happen.
  •  Create opportunities.  Contact or follow up with at least 10-30 prospects and clients everyday to keep opportunities flowing.  Make calls when your energy is high so you will infuse your clients and prospects with your true self.  People work with people they like and make them feel good.  Put your best foot forward and show you care about them and their business.  Remember when your client succeeds you do to.  See your clients business as an extension of yourself.  You will be more valuable to your clients when you are looking at their business as an extention of your own.  Network with others, connect with other positive and like minded people.  When you feed off others energy and positive attitude wonderful things come as a result.
  •  Wind down after the workday – RELAX, BREATHE!  (Read a book or go for a walk whatever works for you).  Prepare your schedule for the next day when you are relaxed.  You are able to focus and prioritize better if you are not stressed and running around.  Start your new day off right with a list of your priorities.  Knowing what your want to accomplish in the day keeps you on track and allows you to accomplish more.

How Does Maintaining Balance Make Your Business a Success?

  • Makes you more relaxed, positive and energetic;
  • Gives you more focus and a clear mind to accomplish your business and personal goals;
  • Enables you to make better decisions in your daily business operations;
  • Expands your creativity and opens your mind to other opportunities;
  • Makes you a happier person and someone people will want to do business with;
  • Gives you more time to grow your business by outsourcing daily tasks that don’t need your persoanl attention.


The best thing of all is that nothing additional is needed.  We all have exactly what we need to make our business and careers just what we want them to be.  It is all inside us at this very moment.  You have the key to opening the door and experience life as it was meant to be lived.  These techniques will not only make your business more successful but will also give you a positive outlook and attitude on the world.  Inevitably these techniques will produce a happier and more fulfilled life for yourself and your family.