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Hello, my namBusiness Angel - Virtual Business Servicese is Mary; I am the owner of Business Angel Support Services and writer of this blog.  This post is all about giving back and showing gratitude.  When I first started this Blog back 6 months ago,  I wasn’t sure how I would utilize this tool, reach out and connect with others or what I would share with you my visitors that hasn’t already been done a million times over.   I soon realized that I just need to write for me and I wanted to show my appreciation and gratitude to all of you that have taken the time to comment on my articles.  It has been wonderful to hear your feedback.

I have been asked many questions about the blog and design of the website from comments received so I thought I would address some of those questions.

The Business Angel Support Services website was created in July of 2012. The site is hosted with Blue Host, which has good rates and lots of tools and plug-ins to help manage and design your website.  We chose Word Press (WP) for the website and blog design, as I wanted something I could update myself for simple things like text, pictures or blog posts.  My team and I worked hard to create a simple and attractive site but one that would be effective and appealing to the visits and from your comments I believe our goal was accomplished which makes me very pleased.  Although it is a WP theme called Horizon that we used for the website design, we did do some custom coding on the theme to get the layout, colors and design to be the look and feel I was looking for, informative, relaxed and comfortable not crowded or to starchy.

The Word Press (WP) blog I find easy to use with not a lot of bells and whistles but enough.  I am trying to keep the website low key and down to earth anyway, so I am OK with that.  Then we just used the same WP theme that was useBlogging & Sharing Informationd on the website itself.   Cost for the job was approximately $3000 but every website design is different with different needs and functionality.  So if you are planning to change or update your website I would suggest first decide what you ultimately want your website to be able to do for you and your visitors and how much you can afford to spend, cause the sky is the limit when it comes to website design and programming.  If you feel your needs exceed your funds at the moment, then work with a professional to divide the full design into stages to grow the website as you grow.  This will allow the designer to keep this in mind during the design so your additional features or functions can be added at a later date more easily without having to redesign the whole site.  This is part and parcel with what we as Business Angels do for our clients, we research, collaborate ideas and work with them to bring out the essence of their ideas and the imagine of what they want to portray.  Contact us if you would like to discuss your specific needs and read more on our website about our services and how we can help you Let our creative team work for you. 🙂

There has been a lot of comments about browser incompatibility or if I have had trouble with spam.  We have tested and continued to test our website and blog on different browsers and devices including IPad and mobile devices and haven’t seen any issues but if you discover you are having trouble, first please check your display resolution if it is 800 x 600 then increase it to a higher resolution for better results or feel free to send me the details of trouble you are having, so I can look into it.  As for the ugly issue of spam well although we can’t eliminate all spam.  I have chosen to approve all posts before being added to the blog, I did this for two reasons; 1. So I can review and read all the comments that come into the blog and remove comments with no relevancy to the topic and 2. I have experienced some spam but with a widget to help reduce the spam that gets through, I only have to deal with a few pieces that get through and I can catch them before it goes live on the blog.  The spam plug-in or widget will put spam suspects into a spam folder for your review and please do review the spam once in a while like you would do to your junk folder in your email.  These filters are not perfect and I have found some really great comments stuck in the spam folder and so I can un-spam and approve it instead.  It may be more work to view and approve each post but I think it keeps it interactive and I get to read and respond to comments at the same time or like in this case can share information that I am getting asked about this helps me to give you what you are craving interesting, informative information.

I want to express great GrShow Gratitude for Giftsatitude to those of you that commented on my writing style and content.  I have been amazed at the number of comments received on some of the articles.  Although, I appreciate all your compliments I must tell you that I am not an author of books or an explorer of country cultures, although I would love to do that for a living. 🙂 The information I write about is from my experiences, research, interests, observations and just good old fashioned deductive reasoning or common sense.  It was great to see that so many of you enjoyed the articles on my experiences while in India.  I am in no way an expert on Indian culture but being married to a North Indian man I have been fortunate to get to experience and learn more about the culture and the people.  I know many of you have asked to see more articles on this topic so I will work on that, in the meantime if you would like to see and read more about my India visit, lessons and adventures with my family you can see more posts on my Facebook Page.

I am working on providing a variety of useful information on different topics of interest and to share my knowledge on business and personal growth with you as well, so I hope you will continue to enjoy the information I have to share with you.  I would like to sincerely thank you again for taking your time to share your thoughts and feelings with me.  It has been very valuable for me to hear from my visits and to know I am moving in the right direction.

Much success to all of you,


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    This is such a beautiful and motivating article. It is good to know that someone is there looking out for you where you really need help.