The day in the life of a Business Angel


Angel Mary

Just to show we are not just a pair of pretty wings. I thought I would share a job Business Angel did for one of our clients last week.  We were called out to show the client how to use her Apple TV so she could see her iPhone/Pad, surf the net, view pictures and all the other wonderful things her new wall mounted big screen Samsung Smart TV can do and I mean big… like 56 if not 60 inch pretty amazing TV, lots of fun for a computer geek like me, but for her not so much.

After we finished and we were showing her how to connect to her iTunes, she sighed and started saying how she loved technology but found it so confusing with 3 remotes and now her new Apple TV remote being so small and how she hated that all the equipment and wires were exposed and messy looking.  So I asked her “have you ever had a guy come look at the setup, I am sure there must be a better way to work all of these devices from one source”.  She replied “I knCupped Handsow there has to be an easier way for me to use this technology, but I don’t know what to look for or tell these guys, I had the guy from the store I bought it from install it.  I don’t how these things work, I just know how I want it to work and if it is possible” So, I smile and said “I understand, sounds to me like your goal is pretty simple get rid of the clutter and get you down to one remote to work it all and make it simply to use. Is that right?” The client exclaims “exactly”.  So, as we Angels do I offer to help and say “Well, If you would like to get this looked at and see if there is a better setup for you we can help you with that”  After some discussion the client decided she would like to look at better ways and wanted to find out more. That is when me and my techie went to work, now we are not in the business of audio/video but we are in the business of helping others get things done and accomplish their goals so we researched possible solutions and products, got know on the models and specifications of the devices she was using and even sourced her out a true professional and was onsite to assist the technician with any questions he needed at the time of installation.  As a team we got her Smart TV looking all intelligent again.  The audio/video guy did a great job not only did he get her down to one remote but he also managed to literally hide components behind the TV and get it all out of plain view.  It looked great and she was so happy that she was back in charge of technology and feeling like the Queen of her castle again.

The day and life of a Business Angel.

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